What next?

Bringing out your inner and outer weird can lead to fun, exciting and beautiful work! Whatever you’re working on, taking an experimental approach can help you unlock

I hope you’ve enjoyed this course and have found that being a little weird and looking at things differently can help you beat writer’s block and unlock your creativity.

Be proud of what you’ve written! You’ve worked through a heap of different approaches and learned from the example of many fine writers and artists! 

I hope you’ve been able to generate some great material, think of new ways of working, and feel empowered to be experimental in the future! If you want to share your writing, you can send it to [email protected] and put Writing Weird as the subject line.

Writing the weird is all about experimenting and taking risks. Not every experiment is a complete success, but continuing to do them and try new things builds your writing muscles! 

Take a look at Language is a Virus to see some more experimental techniques, or try redoing some of the writing exercises with new source material. As with any writing, unlocking the weird takes practice! 

Keep at it and try and write something regularly that takes a risk and puts you out of your comfort zone: you might just surprise yourself!

Thanks again for taking this journey with us! Stay weird, friends!


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