Writing from other forms pt.3

Exercise #5: 

Music alone can be massively inspiring, but let’s try watching a full music video and try to understand the story it is trying to tell through both sounds and images.

This one is by an artist called Lorn, and the song is called Acid Rain.

After watching, I want you to answer the following questions:

  1. What happens in this video? What’s the story? 
  2. How does this song make you feel? 
  3. The song is called Acid Rain - write down all the things that come to mind when you think of acid rain. What would it feel like? What does it do to plants and cars when it falls?
  4. Do you think the title matches the song and the video? Why?

One of the many theories for what this video is about is that it's based on a Native American tradition where some believe that when you die and Death comes to take you to the afterlife, you have the chance to dance one last time. 

Write the start of a story where a character about to go to the afterlife does one final dance for the grim reaper.

 You have five minutes to write the first part of the scene! Don’t worry if you run out of time, you can come back to this later!

Complete and continue