Writing from other forms pt.2

Paintings and images have been inspiring writers for centuries, but can we be inspired by more contemporary sources? Let’s try being inspired by some electronic music and the accompanying video.

Exercise #4:

Start playing the song and then turn away from the computer or hide the video. Just listen to the music. You might even want to close your eyes so there are no distractions at all!

When you’re done listening, answer the following questions:

  1. There are two voices in this song, though they do not sing in English. Write down what you think they are saying. 
  2. If this song was made up of colors, what would they be? Does this song sound red, or orange? Or does it start blue and slowly turn green?
  3. The song is called Raw Language: write a definition of what raw language is to you.

Start a sentence with “Raw language is …” and continue writing the sentence for as long as you can!

If you want some more inspiration, watch the full music video version of the song here:

Complete and continue