Character, character, character

Now we’ve broken some rules and unleashed our creativity, let’s see a couple of ways experimental or weird writers make their writing reach their readers and keep them engaged. 

Being weird is way to open up stories and present things in new ways, but if your work is just weird without anything underneath, it might not be as effective as it could be! 

Even in the weirdest, strangest films and stories, there are characters. Characters that we follow, fall in love with, hate, laugh with and believe in. 

In any weird story - it might be fantasy, science fiction or literary fiction - one of the main reasons we keep reading or watching is because we are invested in the characters and want to know what will happen to them. The best characters are complex, feel real, have motivations, flaws and failings and through the course of a book or poem, we come to understand something about them.

Even if your main character or narrator is a robot or an octopus, they should be complex, have desires, believable emotions and we should want to follow them through the piece.

Let’s explore some ways you can create deep, strange characters and points of view!

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