Myths and fairytales

Starting with something familiar like a myth or fairy tale is one way many writers and artists have created strange and beautiful work. Many fairy tales are strange enough on their own, but putting new twists on those old stories can take them in all kinds of surprising directions!

Exercise #6:

This poem by Carol Ann Duffy is retelling of a familiar fairy tale - no prizes for guessing which! 

  1. Let’s read this poem. Try reading it out loud as well as in your head. 
  2. Make a note of five or more things that are familiar or that you recognise from the original telling of Little Red Riding Hood.
  3. Now let’s make a note of five things that are something new or unexpected.

Which lines are your favourites? Did this poem surprise you, and did you like being surprised? 

Little Red-Cap by Carol Ann Duffy.pdf
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