What next?

One of the magic things about language is that it can lead to strange and interesting places you never thought you’d end up! I hope you enjoyed this course and have surprised yourself with what you’ve written!

You should be proud of yourself! You’ve created stories and poems from thin air! That’s a kind of magic! 

For homework, keep writing in your language diary and at the end of the week, see how many interesting things you’ve collected. See if you can make a poem that uses some of these lines to get started, or write a story where two characters speak using some of the lines you’ve collected!

Most importantly, keep writing! Writing takes practice and effort, but it’s also fun and exciting and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! If you'd like to share any of the writing you've done today, you can email [email protected] and put Magic of Language in the subject.

Thank you!


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