Language hides in strange places

Did you know that language doesn’t just have to come from books? You can find language everywhere!

Songs and music are a great place to start finding language in interesting ways! Let’s listen to some music and see what magic can come out of the language there!

Exercise #4:

First, watch this music video of Hyperballad by Bjork. It’s a good one, promise!

  1. While watching, write down everything that stands out to you. It might be images, what Bjork is doing, the lyrics of what she is singing or the sounds of the music. Try to write down as many things as you can!
  2. When you’re finished watching it, I want you to start the video again but this time, close your eyes and just listen without writing anything. When you’re done, write down what you remember and what you feel.
  3. Lastly, let’s watch the video with the sound off! Write down what you can see and everything that happens in the video. 

Did you enjoy that? Did you notice different things when just listening or just watching? Trying to look at familiar things in different ways is a great way to find new words and ideas that can fill up your language diary!

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