Learning where to find language

Starting any project can be daunting, and you’re not alone! To get started with your language diary, let’s listen to two poets read their poems and listen our for what kinds of words they use! As you listen, write down any words or lines you like or that stick out to you. 

Exercise #3:

First up, let’s listen to this poem called I Come from the Fire City, by Eve L Ewing.

While listening, think about the following questions and jot down your answers:

  1. How does the poem makes you feel?
  2. What pictures do you get in your head while listening?
  3. Do you think the poem is better read aloud or would it be better written down? 

Did you write down some interesting lines you heard? You might want to listen to it a second with your eyes closed to see what words stick out to you!

Next, let’s listen to Poet Laureate Simon Armitage read a poem while revisiting where he grew up. The poem comes roughly one minute into this video:

While listening, be sure to write down anything that sticks out to you or that you like and think about these questions: 

  1. The title of Simon’s poem is “It Ain't What You Do, It's What It Does To You” - what do you think that means?
  2. What pictures do you get in your head while listening?
  3. Do you think Simon’s accent makes the poem better or worse? Why?

Listening to others and reading is one of the best ways to make your writing better, learn new words and see different points of view! Do it as much as you can!

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