Language is always changing

One of the most exciting things about language is that it is always changing and transforming

Did you know that hundreds of years ago, a clue was a ball of yarn or string. Now, a clue means something that helps us solve a mystery!

Nice used to mean sillyfoolish or simple! Not a very nice thing to call someone at all!

When you go for an audition today, it means you might be trying out for a part in a play or a film. Audition used to be said by doctors when they cleared out a patient’s ears so they could hear better. Strange, huh?

Words change all the time, but did you know that you can help them change too? Whenever you use words differently or try new words, you’re helping shape the language we all use. Amazing!

Want to see this in action? Let’s watch a video of someone being interviewed while speaking in Old Saxon! 

Remember to pick out any interesting words that stick out to you and note them down in your language diary!

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