Poems, stories, songs and words are all capable of transporting us to new worlds, seeing things differently or of expressing ourselves in ways we might not have thought possible.

In this course, we’ll explore how you can start to tap into the magic of language, find out some of the things you can do with words, have fun, and do lots of writing exercises and games too! Everyone has words inside of them and with just a little help, we can all write stories or poems from thin air.

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Course Curriculum

Hi, I’m James Smart

I am a graduate of the MFA in Creative Writing at UEA. I am a short story writer from Barnsley who loves language and what words can do! My stories have been published in the UK and abroad: I was shortlisted for The Commonwealth Short Story Prize, won the award for best new writer with US journal Glimmertrain, I have been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize and once for the Best of the Net award. I live in Norwich and love making things, exploring new places, and teaching creative writing!