Making old words new again

Now we’ve seen some old words with strange definitions, how about we try coming up some definitions of our own and seeing how creative we can be with words?

Exercise #6:

Write these words down on your piece of paper and for each one, write down what they mean. There’s no wrong answer – they can mean whatever you like! Try saying the word out loud. It could be a feeling, an object, an action, an animal or something else! 

  1. Hengments
  2. Aizam-jazam 
  3. Fandandering
  4. Quizcuss
  5. Buzznacking
  6. Jammuck
  7. Lally-wow
  8. Scroggins
  9. Ramfeezled
  10. Tiny-tiny 
  11. Whid 
  12. Curglaff

Was that fun? Which word was your favourite? If you’re writing with friends or want to have some fun, try asking your family what they think these words mean! It’s interesting to see how many different ways people can imagine the same word!

For this next part of the exercise, pick your favourite word from the list above and write a short rhyming poem where you use your words to rhyme! 

For example: 

I learned to walk the tightrope but it made me ramfeezled

I had to keep my balance like I was threading a needle

Write for up to ten minutes! Bonus points if you can get in any of the other words you made definitions for!

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