Our first spell

When we read a great poem or story and we feel transported by our imaginations, it’s like magic. Let’s start by casting a little magic spell of our own and warm up with a writing exercise! 

Exercise #2:

  1. In the middle of your piece of paper, write MAGIC.
  2. Now, you have five minutes (you can use the timer below) to brainstorm all the things that come to mind when you think of magic. These might be magic spells, they might be what magic makes you feel like. What kind of magic would you do if you could? Try and fill up your paper with notes and ideas! Don’t worry about spelling or grammar – this is just for fun!
  3. Did you get a lot of words? Super! Underline or circle your five favourites!

Next, write down THREE WISHES and underneath, write down:

  • One wish that would help you
  • One wish that would help someone you love
  • One wish that would help the whole world

Whew, great work! You’ve got loads of material there for the next step!

Now, we’re going to write a story about magic!

Start by writing down the sentence: “At my eighth birthday party, I learned I could do  magic...

Set the timer for 5 minutes and write as much as you can without stopping. Don’t worry if it makes sense. Just write whatever comes to mind!

After five minutes, stop writing then start a new sentence that starts: “I found a book in the library that grants wishes and I couldn’t believe what happened next!” 

Now we’re going to write for another five minutes. Remember to write whatever comes to mind and try not to stop. Let’s get as many words out as we can.

Look at how many words we wrote in just ten minutes! All those words came from you – great work!

Complete and continue