Your Superhero Narrative

Now that you have your character profile (your personality traits, the superhero outfit, and the name and the secret identity), it’s time to bring them all together to work on your superhero narrative. This is your final writing task, and you can take it in any direction you want to. Make sure you think about the language used to describe superheroes (it’s always larger than life, bold and colourful, exaggerated and powerful). 

If you want, watch this video of the opening of the Superman TV series from the 1950s – listen to the way Superman is described, and think of the images that accompany the voice over. Can you use this kind of language in your own superhero story? 

A few directions you could go in:

Maybe you want to think about your origin story:

  • What made you the best tea-maker/TV-fixer/baker in the house? 
  • What are your motivations for using these powers for good? 

Maybe you want to think of a nemesis for your hero and write a final showdown story about the battle between good and evil:

  • Think about what the opposite of your powers might be – if you’re great at tidying, is your nemesis chaos? What would chaos be like as a supervillain? Would The Feeder’s enemy be a picky eater?

There are also superhero love stories and super-group stories: 

  • Who are your superhero friends?
  • Who do you use your powers to save?

Whichever one of these you choose, the main focus should be on describing your superhero. Use as much detail as possible, really build up an image for your reader of who this person is, what they look like, what they do and why. And have fun with it!

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