Your Superhero Name

Now that we’ve decided on our boring superpowers, we need to come up with a superhero name.  

Here’s what Andrew Kaufman, author of All My Friends Are Superheroes, has to say about superhero names: 

“It’s true most superheroes have funny names. But they have to come up with these names by themselves. Think about how hard it is. Try it, right now; boil down your personality and abilities into a single phrase or image. If you can do that, you’re probably a superhero already.
Part of the problem with finding your superhero name is that it may refer to something you don’t like about yourself. It may actually be the part of yourself you hate the most, would pay money to get rid of. Certainly the Perfectionist had a hard time coming to terms with her superpower. The Gambler and Brutally Honest all spent years accepting their superpowers.” 

Andrew Kaufman, All My Friends Are Superheroes (London: Telegram, 2006)

Coming up with a superhero name is a tricky business. Like Kaufman says, it might be because it highlights something about you that you don’t like very much. Or maybe it’s because your superpower says so much about you that you can’t possibly think of just one or two words to describe it. 

But! The fact that you get to choose your superhero name means that you are in charge of what it says about you, so you get to decide what it says about your character. 

Have any names sprung to mind yet? If they have, jot them down. Don’t worry if you’re stuck, in the next chapter we’ll have a look at some ways to come up with your superhero name.