The Costume

All superheroes wear costumes. That’s how we recognise Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman. Their creators thought hard about the right colours and logos, whether they wear a cape or have tools. Now it’s your turn to think about what you, as a superhero, would wear. 

Remember the list of questions I asked when we were coming up with superhero names? Go back to that list now, and see what colours, objects, and animals you wrote down. Use these answers to dream up your own superhero outfit. 

  1. What colour is it? 
  2. Do you wear a cape? Boots? A mask? 
  3. What is your logo? (perhaps use the object or the animal you chose here!)
  4. Where does the logo appear? On your chest? Your cape? Your sleeves?

When you’ve got an image in your head, write a description using similes (describing something by comparing it to something else). This will make your writing more interesting and more descriptive.

For example, instead of writing ‘her cape was yellow’, write something like ‘The Teaspoon’s cape was as yellow as custard creams.’ Or ‘her custard-yellow cape waved like a flag.’ See how elaborate you can make your description using this formula. 

You don’t have to make every sentence a simile if you don’t want to, but if you like the structure then go for it!

(And maybe once you’ve finished the workshop you can come back to this exercise and add a drawing, too).