Your Superhero Bio

The examples we just read are really short descriptions of who the superhero is and what they do. Now that you have your superpower and your name, have a go at writing one! 

Some tips:

  • Use the third person – instead of “I am really good at making cups of tea” write “The Teaspoon can stir four cups of tea at once.” 
  • Think about the personality of your superpower – remember how The Seeker gets fidgety when he’s not seeking? What kinds of feelings and movements do you, as a superhero, have?
  • Make the superpower sound as exciting as possible!

Here’s my example (remember, my superpower is making dinner for big groups of people):


The Feeder has a freezer full of food. Her cupboards are stacked high, and she’s never run out of olive oil. The Feeder always has something in the oven, and at least twelve clean plates ready to go. She dances around the kitchen, to the sound of beating eggs and the swish of the cloth wiping up a sprinkling of flour. The Feeder cooks hearty stews, mountains of rice, fluffy bread, and always expects the unexpected knock at the door.

Now have a go at writing yours!