What’s Your Boring Superpower?

Everyone has something they’re really good at. It might be something amazing – maybe you’re great at piano, or you speak five languages – but it might also be something small, like making cups of tea or always knowing how to fix the TV. I’m interested in the small things. The boring, everyday things we don’t think are important, but which actually make us unique and special and useful. 

My boring superpower is feeding people: any meal I cook could comfortably feed six people (and I only live with one other person!). I used to think this was a failure. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the proportions right. But then I realised this is my superpower: always having enough food to feed surprise guests. 

Take a minute to think about your own superpower. Remember to keep it small and boring – we’re working on making normal everyday things exciting, so hold onto the bigger stuff for later!

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