Building the Chorus

Some Spoken Word Songs have a Chorus. This usually means a few lines of the songs which get repeated after sections - which are called Verses

Why have a chorus? Here are a few ideas:

  • They are what helps make a song memorable
  • They can remind us of the central message of a song
  • It helps us to know what the song is about
  • It helps stop time - so we can jump about in the story.
  • Sometimes a chorus can ask a question and make the listener think. 

Exercise 3. Write a chorus

Write down just one line. Go back to your messy sheet of ideas and your scene. Look at all the things you’ve written down. 

For example “that was the night we went to the fair.”

Does something you've written down stand out? Choose something that jumps out at you, something that you want your listener to remember. This can be something that feels important, a strong image, something from the heart, something you think about the world. 

 Next, write down a second line. And begin to build your chorus. 


You can use words which rhyme. Like this:

"I eat my icecream really slow

The sun is out, I'm good to go."


You can repeat words. Like this:

"red hat

red scarf

red hoodie wet with the rain."


Now chop up your scene into smaller chunks and see how it feels to put your chorus in between them. 

Do you like the effect? Does it work? 

Top Tip: Reading your writing aloud will really help you with this!