Ever wanted to have a go at writing your own songs? Maybe you don’t play an instrument... perhaps you don’t have the confidence to sing. This online course is perfect for you! 

Throughout history, composers, musicians, storytellers, actors, film directors, rappers (and their mums) have written songs with lyrics which are spoken instead of sung. These are songs with atmosphere, songs with feeling and songs which tell stories.

This course will show you the basics of Spoken Words Songs with some exciting modern examples to listen to. We will practice writing new lyrics through short writing exercises, borrowing literary techniques from poetry, fiction and non-fiction writing. Finally, we will put everything we’ve learned together and write new songs using pieces of music composed especially for this course.

Your course tutor is Norwich based singer-songwriter Jess Morgan - you can find her songs on Spotify hereJess has worked as singer songwriter for more than ten years - writing songs and touring very small, very dark folk music clubs all over the world... and just once, the O2 Arena. Here's Jess to say a quick hello and let you know what you'll need for the course:

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