Familiar details

When we listen to music, we get to escape. Everyday stories are easy to imagine, so we can easily get lost in the world of the song. Often the best way to write a song to get lost in, is to fill the story with familiar details. These might be things you can easily see, hear, feel etc. 

Exercise 1. Working from photos.

You will need: a photo, paper, pens, (scissors, sellotape.) 

Either, choose your own photograph from a book or a magazine, or use one of the photos in the pdf below:

picture prompts 2 .pdf

If you can, stick the photographs in the middle of a piece of paper. 

Now look closely at it. What do you see? Draw arrows, make notes - circle things - write as many notes as you possibly can about what might be going on in the picture. 

Think about:

  • The people. 
  • Their expressions
  • Their clothes
  • Their posture
  • The scenery
  • What time is it?
  • What is happening
  • Other objects, things, animals in the picture

See if you can make your paper really messy with notes, like mine below:

Complete and continue