Chapter 4 Structure your story

Chapter Four - A creative writing exercise to plan a structure for your story

When you give a story a structure you arrange how the ideas will play out. A good structure for a story is the Hero’s Journey. As the protagonist you will go on this hero’s journey. There are three parts to the hero’s journey. Within this three part structure you can play around with as many different ideas as you like.

  • Part One - The Call to Adventure
  • Part Two - Into the Unknown
  • Part Three - Share what you have learned with the community

Let’s create a structure plan. Write down all the ideas that spring to mind for each of the three parts. The useful thing about creating a plan is that you can come back to these ideas once you have finished the workshop, choose your favourites and use them to continue writing your epic page-turner. Remember this is just a plan - you can change these ideas any time.

Here are some of my ideas

Part One - The Call to Adventure

I answer Boudica’s call to follow her into battle. I am afraid. I leave behind everything I know and march with the Iceni tribe.

Part Two - Into the Unknown

Life on the road is harder than I ever imagined. At night we camp in the forests full of wild animals. In day we practise fighting. I’m scared but my friends help me to overcome my fears and find my courage.

Part Three - Share what you have learned with the community

For all the epic battles I learn that victory is sometimes smaller than you would think. Often the real battle is the one we fight within ourselves. I learnt that no matter how difficult the circumstances, all things are possible with friendship and love. Battles will be forgotten. Friendship will stand the test of time. I will tell my tales of adventure wit Boudica and the Iceni for years to come

Congratulations on completing this Step. You are rewarded the first letter of Boudica’s secret symbol - the letter A