Chapter 3 The call to adventure

Step Two – The Call To Adventure

Chapter Three: A creative writing exercise to begin your adventure. As the protagonist in the story you began in an ordinary world. Your home was safe and familiar. For your story to progress an extraordinary event must happen. It shakes you out of your comfort zone and calls you to adventure.

Imagine that you have met Boudica for the first time. She rides into your settlement and calls for the tribe to rise up in rebellion and fight back against the Romans.

How does this sudden extraordinary change of events make you feel? Write down your ideas.

You might like to consider these things

  • What’s it like seeing Boudica for the first time?
  • What do you imagine life outside the your home will be like? How does the thought of a journey make you feel?
  • Why does Boudica inspire you?

Here are some of my ideas:

I can hardly believe what has happened. Boudica rode into our settlement, a fearsome sight to be-hold on her mighty horse. I had been on my usual morning stroll to fetch water but when I saw Bou-dica I dropped my bucket in astonishment. Carrot stew will have to wait! Boudica gave a brave speech about how our tribe should rise up against the Romans. She is proud and passionate, you could feel the strong sense of excitement and awe throughout the tribe. I know I should feel certain about this quest but really I am rather scared. A part of me feels inspired and wants to charge into battle - I have long had an unquenchable thirst for adventure and dreamed of leaving home. A part of me wants to run and hide in my bed. I’ve never left the my home before. I imagine life on the road will be very different. How will we defeat the Romans? Will I see my favourite horse again?