Isabelle's introduction

Hello Storyteller, welcome to your creative adventure. My name is Isabelle, I’m an author and I’m really excited that you’re here about to travel back in time to the Iron Age and make a story.

I never knew that I could be a writer, in fact when I was back at school if someone had told me I’d be an author one day I never would have believed them in a million years – but then one day I visited a museum and I was so fascinated by some of the objects that I saw on display that as I explored their history I found myself making up stories and creating characters and that’s how I came to write historical fiction. That’s why I would love to encourage you to make up your own stories because I know that you are a writer too.

In this workshop we’re going to learn some history, we’re going to make some animal characters, create some drama and have some fun. I hope this workshop will be helpful as a guide for you to get started as a writer, I hope you enjoy it and I hope this inspires you to carry on storytelling whether that’s though writing or drawing or music or performing.The beauty of writing is that you don’t need much, something to write with, lots of imagination and your very own unique voice. Remember no one can tell a story like you can tell a story.

Before we get started here are some things you might like to know about me – I am a passionate enthusiast for history, the arts and biscuits, I love animals, all kinds of animals and I love reading. A final note, this workshop invites you to make your own poster. Please do send your poster or anything creative that you would like to share during this workshop to the National Centre for Writing, I’d absolutely love to see what you’ve created.