Chapter 2 Put yourself in the story

Chapter Two: A creative writing exercise to put yourself in the story.

Now Star Storyteller it’s time for you to step into the story. You are the protagonist in the story. The protagonist is the main character. In this chapter we will explore writing in first person. First person stories are told from the point of view of the protagonist – that’s you! What’s it like in your every day life as Storyteller in the Oppido? Imagine that you keep a journal. Write down ‘a day in the life of you’...

Some ideas you may like to consider

  • How do you relate to the world around you?
  • What are your emotions?
  • What sort of tasks do you have to do every day?
  • Who are your friends?
  • What sort of stories do you tell the community? Where do you get your ideas from?

Here are some of my ideas

That pesky bird from the forest wakes me up every morning. She is so loud you can hear her echo across the round houses. Still, I couldn’t imagine a morning where I’m not woken up by the same old abrupt alarm, it’s a comforting reminder that I’m home and safe. For all they can be annoying I feel so much affection and warmth for the familiar sounds of the forest, those playful birds as that chirrup and even the howls of wolves as they prowl. Every morning I walk to the river and carry back a bucket of water for mother’s stew, the same old sloppy carrot stew every day. I love my morning stroll, it’s a chance to wish good morning to my friends, Isolde riding her horse in the field, she has the most incredible hair that waves in the wind like scarlet flames. Our horses are magnificent creatures - my favourite is the one with fur of forest oak and a mane that swirls like the golden sun, I call her Radiant because she is. Animals give me such wonderful ideas for stories. To-night as we gather round the fire I shall tell the tale of the horse and the fox. Now how will that go?

Congratulations on completing this Step. You are rewarded the first letter of Boudica’s secret symbol – the letter H