Chapter 6 Make a title for your story

Try this creative writing exercise to make a title for your story

This is the fun finale where we put all the pieces together. You are about to weave all that magical music, rippling rhythms and imaginative instruments into an outstanding orchestra. It all falls into place with the title of your show.

Create a name for your animal. Your animal’s name could become the title of your story. Look back at your writing. Pick out your favourite words and play around with them to create a name. You can always change the words or make up some new words altogether.

Here are some of my ideas...

Words: Jazz Jumping Hop Jolly

Name: Jazz the Jolly Hop Jumper

Words: Blues, Breeze, Bubbles, Bop

Name: Blue the Breezy Bubble Bopper

Words: Stars, Silvery, Sky, Swirl

Name: Star the Silver Sky Swirler

Recommend for ages 6-7

It could be that the name of your character is the title of your story. You can move to the end of this chapter.

Recommend age 8-9

If you would like to take your writing a step further here is another exercise.

Take the name of your animal, the name of your setting and the idea for your story. Put them together to make a title. Feel free to play around with words or make some new words altogether.

Here’s my idea...

  • Name - Star the Silver Sky Swirler
  • Setting - The Violin River
  • Story - A quest to deliver the secret letter of midnight music

Here are some of my ideas for the final title...

  • Star’s Rapid Race for the River’s Rhythm
  • Star’s Search for the Secret Midnight Melody
  • Star’s Amazing Musical Adventure

Congratulations on completing this chapter! You have been rewarded the sixth letter of the dog’s name – the letter R.