Chapter 5 Make a Poem, Make a Performance

Step 3

This is a creative writing exercise to make a poem. The poem will be performed by the Queen’s favourite clown Will Kempe. It will be the grand introduction of your story.

You might like to keep in mind the musical theme and mention an instrument or sound.


Choose a word that you have used to describe your character or setting. I have chosen the word vivid. Write down your word so that the first letter of each line spells out the word.






The idea is to write a poem using the first letter of each line to begin the sentence. This is called an acrostic poem.


Verily this show was made to

Impress you, mighty Queen

Vibrant performers will

Inspire your imagination

Drum roll please. Bring in the clowns!

You do not need to write in Tudor language. Write words that you enjoy. You could use some words like ‘verily’ just for fun.

Congratulations on completing this chapter. You have been rewarded the fifth letter of the dog’s name – the letter E.