Chapter 4 Storylines

In this exercise we will make a storyline for your character

Choose a household object. This can be any ordinary object you may have at home. Ask an adult to help you find one. Some ideas – a wooden spoon, a tea pot, a cup, a flower pot, a lamp shade, a pencil.


What does the object remind you of? Use your ideas to imagine a story for your animal.

You might like to repeat the theme of music.

Here are some of my ideas...

Object - An Envelope

  • Idea:The envelope contains an important piece of music
  • Story: My owl is on a quest to deliver a secret letter of midnight music
  • Music: The ripping of paper sounds like shaking maracas

Object - A Bucket

  • Idea: The bucket reminds me of a sand castle
  • Story: My owl is on an adventure to discover a mystical musical castle
  • Music: The spade tapping the bucket sounds like a beating tambourine

Object - A Rolling Pin

  • Idea: The rolling pin reminds me of a mill wheel turning and churning
  • Story: My owl is on a journey to find the musical mill that sits on a hill
  • Music: The rolling pin makes me think of rolling of drums

Recommend for ages 6 – 7

Now you have the idea for a story you can move to the end of this chapter.

Recommend for ages 8 – 9

If you would like to take your writing a step further here is another exercise.

Pick your favourite idea. Now let’s give your character a goal. A character goal describes what your character wants. The goal of a character can make the story very interesting and dramatic. It helps to draw the audience in to the story and get them on side with your character – they will want to know if your character achieves their goal. Look at the idea for your story and ask the question why?

Here is my idea...

Why is my owl on a quest to deliver a secret letter of midnight music?

Because when the magical music plays the Violin River will melt from snow to spring.

Congratulations of completing this chapter! You have been rewarded the fourth letter of the dog’s name – the letter P.