Chapter 1 Make an animal character

Step 1

The Queen loves animals.

Choose an animal to be the star of your story, any animal you like. This can be a mythical creature if you prefer.

Here are some ideas – a fox, a lion, a horse, an owl.

Animal Images Isabelle.pdf

I’m going to choose an owl.

You could choose an animal from the pictures above, or you can pick your own animal. You could pick a mythical creature, such as a dragon or a unicorn.

What is your animal like? Write down your ideas. You might like to use the five senses as inspiration.

What does your animal...

  • Look like
  • Sound like
  • Smell like
  • Feel like
  • Taste like – for this sense imagine the sort of taste your character leaves in the air.

Here are my ideas...

My owl looks like a snow ball soar through the sky. Her fur is dusky gold like a September sun. The cream speckled spots and cinnamon dots on her feathers remind me of a frothy cuppa coffee. My owl sounds like a midnight melody echo across the clouds. As she flies I can hear her haunting whistle whirl on the wind. My owl smells like vanilla fudge crumbled over cup cakes. She leaves a trace of toffee sweet as the stars that twinkle. My owl feels soft as a spider’s web and delicate as morning dew. All around her the air tastes of mystery. I know that she will return to this place but I do not know when.

Congratulations on completing this chapter. You have been rewarded the first letter of the dog’s name – the letter J