Make it a scene

Did you fill a page with notes? Great. Well done! 

Exercise 2. Make it a scene

Let's use that to go a little further and write it into a little scene which describes the moment in your picture and tells us what is going on. 

 Write it down like you’re explaining it to somebody else. This could be a friend, somebody important, a total stranger, somebody you love, or your little brother! Start your piece with:


“Well, it was like this…”    

“To Whom It May Concern”

... or something else.


Finally, we want your scene to come alive with details. Try to use:

  • familiar details - use some of the things you spotted in the last exercise. 
  • adjectives (describing words)
  • similes (using 'as' or 'like)
  • metaphors (describing one thing as if it were another)
  • speech i.e. "she said, oi! gimme those crisps!"
  • description of things you can hear, feel, smell, taste and see.

 Aim to write about a page if you can.

Complete and continue