What is so great about Spoken Word Songs?

Using speech in songs can have some real advantages. Here are just a few reasons why Spoken Word Songs have become really popular:

  • Intimacy. Spoken Word Songs can feel more intimate - like somebody is having a personal conversation with you or even whispering in your ear!
  • Saying more. Sometimes singing or lots going on in a song can be distracting. With Spoken Word Songs, the words can be the main event. 
  • Connection. Spoken Word Songs have the power to connect the speaker with their audience. Most people can ‘speak’ - but not everyone wants to sing.
  • Storytelling. We are used to being told stories by people speaking - bedtime stories, reading at school, friends telling stories, telling jokes, making excuses… a story can really come across well in a Spoken Word Song.
  • Contrast. Speaking instead of singing can present more of a contrast to the music. Where a voice singing a melody is part of the song, a spoken word song can work against the music. It can really help if you want to bring out the storytelling and all the interesting words and techniques you want to use.

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