Congratulations, you have your own finished poem! If you'd like, you can share this with me by asking your parent or guardian to email it to [email protected] and putting Paradise Poem as the subject line.

Some of these activities will have worked really well for you, others will have been more challenging. The lovely thing about poetry is you get to choose what works for you. The final activity 'Write here, Write NOW!' is just one way you can use the skills you learnt. Maybe you take your ideas from the 'Fair Weather Tupperwear' activity and use them as the title for a poem? Or perhaps you could use your freewrite as the first draft of a poem?  

The three most important things that you can take away from this course are:

  1. Make sure for every abstract thing you say in a poem, you add something concrete in as well.
  2. Allow yourself to be free in your first draft.
  3. Remember your story is important and you are the best person to tell it.