Ask me some questions, I’ll tell you some lies

We're going to start off with a short warm up activity, just to get your brains in gear and your creativity firing. Here is a list of questions for you to think about. Allow yourself to be imaginative or strange in your response. This stage is just about prompting you to be imaginative. There's a 15 minute timer below – try and spend around one and a half minutes on each question, writing down in note form anything you think of. If the timer sounds and you're still writing, great. Keep going until you've got all your ideas on the page, but try not to stop writing before the 15 minutes are up.

  1. What is the best dinner you have ever eaten? 
  2. If you were a breed of dog, what would you be? 
  3. Where is your favourite place in the whole world? Be as specific as you can.
  4. In real life, who is your superhero? 
  5. If you could buy everyone in the world a chocolate bar each, which kind of chocolate bar would you buy them? 
  6. If you were a kind of flower what would you be? 
  7. What is your favourite smell in the whole world?
  8. What is your favourite mode of transport? 
  9. Where in the world do you feel most safe? 
  10. What does Paradise mean to you? 

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