How to Read a Poem

Take a look at this short poem 'A Portable Paradise' by Roger Robinson, and answer these questions. Remember, there is no wrong answer, if you don’t like or understand what the poem is ‘about’ then you get to decide for yourselves! 

  1. What is your first reaction to the poem? 
  2. What does the poem remind you of? 
  3. What does the poem make you feel?
  4. Do you like the poem? If so, why? If you don’t like the poem, why don’t you like it? 
  5. If you don’t understand the poem, don’t worry, that means the poem can be about whatever you like! You get to decide. 
  6. For Roger Robinson, what does paradise feel like? What does it smell like? What does it look like?

And If I Speak of Paradise.pdf