Feet Firmly on the Sound

For this next activity, I'm going to ask for your full attention – no distractions.

If you can, go and stand in your garden. If not just take your shoes off and stand exactly where you are. Make sure you’re not wearing headphones.

  1. Focus entirely on what you can hear. Can you hear birds? Can you hear drills? Can you hear music? Laughter?
  2. Now what can you smell? Dinner cooking? Petrol? The rubbish bin?
  3. What can you taste? The biscuit you just ate? The bowl of cereal you had for breakfast? Can you imagine the lasagne you’re going to have for tea?
  4. Now what can you feel? Really focus on your feet. The carpet beneath your toes? Or the mud? Or the stones? What can your arms feel resting by your side? 

Come back inside and try to list all the things you heard, tasted, smelt and felt. 

Make one more list of the emotions you associate with those things.