Warm up - free write activity

Thank you for joining our online workshop on Writing Interesting Characters! I hope you enjoy the course, and learn a few things as you go. By the end, you will have written about all sorts of interesting characters, exploring helpful tips along the way.

I like to begin my classes with a bit of freewriting to warm up our minds and writing muscles, so before you jump ahead to Chapter 1, maybe stay here for a moment and write for five minutes, without thinking about too much else.

Here are several prompts to get you started. Choose any, and write freely without stopping to think or make corrections.

  1. I knew right away I’d said the wrong thing.
  2. That will always be my favourite day.
  3. She used to live in the Arctic.
  4. That was the last time we saw him.
  5. We always liked dancing.

Complete and continue